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Cos Module


Master consist of Unit, Area, Lane, Collection Man, Subscription, STB, Subscription, Channel, DAS Package, Tax etc.

Unit : The name of the Unit where the Cable Operator built there Business

Area : The Name of the area under the Unit

Lane : Lane name under the area

collector : The Name of the collector.

Subscription : The charge take from the customer every Month.

STB : Set Top Box Model with the price or scheme of the Set Top Box.

Channel : Channel Listing

DAS package : Package Name using in the DAS with channel

Tax : Rate of different Tax with the activation Date.


Bill Generation / Deletion for the customer . It is done manually. This two property is valid for a single customer / all customer/ unit wise customer / area wise customer. There is no option for bill edit. There is a option for generate as a schedule task at the starting of the month with a fixed date.

Payment: we can make the payment single customer wise and bill wise as a FIFO method or manual method Or the collection, people can put the collection through their mobile phone using the internet.


There are so many report in the software.

1.Customer List Active / Inactivate / Delete customer list Unit wise / Area wise / Collection Man wise.

2. Bill... Different type of bill format DAS enable (list of channel also shown in the bill)

3. Due list Unit wise / Area wise / Collector wise and Customer wise.( from day to day)

4. Payment Collection Unit wise / Area wise / Collector wise and Customer wise.( from day to day)

5. Customer Sub Ledger.

6. Tax report

7. User wise transaction Report

We provide all the report in .XML and .xls format for further use.


Here the super user is admin. Admin has the full control over the application. Admin can create user with the access permission of Master, Transaction and the report. Admin can deactivate the user if any illegal activity shown in the report. The application can store user activity with date and time.


The System consist of Unit Information, Backup and Restore of the database. Backup can be done through schedule task.