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About Us

COS (Cable operation Solution), the most user friendly and powerful customized billing software for cable operators.

A LCO is the medium between customer/subscriber and the MSO. Our billing solution gives the full opportunity to LCO to maintain the financial relation with the customer as well as MSO.

In the previous system LCO collects the money from the customer to give us the service of cable TV and paid a certain amount to the MSO.

But after implementation of DAS, the scenario has been changed. Now in the digitalization system every end user (customer/subscriber) have the option to select a package as per their choices. They have also options to select add-on channel facility with the package.

So subscriber have to pay as per their selection. After that LCO collect the money from customer and paid to MSO as the same and got their commission from the MSO.

In this scenario business is very tough for the LCO. They have to maintain all the customer record in their own software, provide the all information to MSO in a correct time.

Our software is capable to maintain this.

Who We Are :

We are a software development company and working with the cable industry from end of 2006 to till now. We have a good record to help the LCO to maintain CAS (Condition Access System) in Kolkata zone. We have a good team for support any LCO in india.

Difference With Others :

Our system is build with the feedback from the LCO.